A smart city is an urban area in which, thanks to the use of digital technologies and more generally oftechnological innovation, it is possible to optimize and improve the infrastructures and services to citizens by making them more efficient. We offer you a reflection on the evolution of Smart City, signed Rodolfo Pinto, managing partner of pnsix and Coordinator of Bergamo Smart city and Community who introduces the concept of Adaptive City.

In the darkness of the pandemic crisis, cities have the resources to react.

by Rodolfo Pinto

We do not believe that the city consists of buildings, such as walls, temples and arsenals, but that these are like a solid and immobile body to welcome and give security to the citizens; instead, we place every strength in the citizens; in fact, we believe that they are the ones who give fullness, disposition and fulfillment to all things and guard them, a little as in us the soul is to each one.
Lucian of Samosata 120 AD

The pandemic we are experiencing forces us to reflect on our cities, faced with complexities so great that they question not only their economic and social models, but their very meaning.
City quitters, smart working, real estate bubbles and the need for isolation are just some of the issues that are putting Western cities under stress.
How then can we respond to these new challenges? ….

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